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6 February 2016, 20:41. Aconcagua, all programs »

 We are on the top !!! It says Vladimir Kotlyar, the 7 Summits Club. With me here are Sergey, Eugene and Daniil. We are standing now at the top, all together!  Weather is wonderful! View stunning. And it is not cold - we are even not frozen.

We send greetings to all those who hear us!

  Sergei, let's say something!

- Hello everybody, hooray!

 So succinctly, curtly. Well, brevity - the sister of talent.

 Daniel, there's nothing to say home?

- Hello to all friends, family, friends, that is all! Kisses!

 In my opinion, only my emotions going through the roof. Personally, I do ... Such a beautiful day, stunning views!

Well, greetings from the 7 Summits Club and our team, named "Robinson and the three musketeers!"

We climbed up, well now – go down to drink beer. And  wine ... And to warm our bones. Adios!