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4 April 2016, 12:32

March 31th, the 7 Summits Club held a gala evening dedicated to the beginning of the Everest expedition. Vice-president of the Federation of Mountaineering of Russia (FAR) Ivan Dusharin said parting word to members of the 1st Russian expedition on Everest. He reminded that the expedition is officially supported by the federation and included in the calendar of events of FAR.  He  gave  members of expedition little flags for hoisting to the summit.



President of the Moscow Federation of Mountaineering Alexei Slotyuk gave them one, but a big flag for the entry to the top.




The next day, the famous traveler and the priest Fedor Konyukhov blessed the team in his chapel in the center of Moscow.





Press release of the "1st Russian Women's Everest Expedition"


Dates: from April 12th  to May 31th, 2016.

Organizer: 7 Summits Club.


The film crew of Channel One studio RD Valdis Pelsh will take part in the expedition and to continue filming that started last year.

The expedition is supported by the Russian Mountaineering Federation, the Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing in Moscow and Red Fox company.


Information about the project and participating:


Seven women from Russia are taking part in the 7 Summits Club Everest expedition in 2016. This has never been and probably never will. The project turns out unique.





  1. Liana Chabdarova - made 6 of 7 summits of the World and all the 7 volcanoes. She pretend to be  the first Balkar (Elbrus region)  woman climbed Mount Everest.



  1. Irena Kharazova - climber on 5 of the 7 summits.



  1. Marina Gevorkyan - media manager, general director of "Snob" project and an experienced climber, will attempt to climb the North Col (7000 m).


  1. Nadezhda Voskresenskaya - more than 10 years in mountais, will attempt to climb the North Col of Everest (7000m).


  1. Christina Kozlova - Director and producer of the film crew.

       Director-producer, executive producer at RD Studio.


  1. Elena Abramova - the daughter of Alexander Abramov will attempt to climb the North Col of Everest (7000m)

7. Ludmila Korobeshko - two-times Everest summiter, two-times Seven Summits



Alex Abramov - expedition leader



Sherpas Team