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12 April 2016, 11:26. Everest, all programs »

In a time when most Western companies have come to  Everest with  mini-expeditions, with 2-4 clients, Russian 7 Summits Club came with  22 clients and 4 guides! It is in terms of sanctions against our country and the uncertainty of the situation in Nepal and China!


11th of April. Kathmandu


April 12th in Kathmandu a big international mountaineering expedition on Mount Everest of the 7 Summits Club starts. Number of participants - 26 people, including 16 people who plan to climb to the highest point - 8,848 meters. The climb will be carried out by the classical route from the north, from Tibet. All members of the expedition are planning to climb using artificial oxygen produced in Russia. A large group of high-altitude porters and kitchen staff (Sherpas nationality) will run with the expedition team. The service will be provided by Nepalese company 7 Summits Adventures.



Expedition leader - Alexander Abramov. This will be his 14th expedition as leader on the world's highest peak




List of participants:


With Permit Everest (8848 m)


  1. Olegs Pimenovs. Latvia.
  2. Igor Demyanenko. Russia.
  3. Janusz Kochanski. Poland.
  4. Vladislav Moroz. Russia.
  5. Roman Reutov. Russia. The representative of the company Yandex.
  6. Liana Chabdarova. Russia.
  7. Irena Kharazova. Russia.
  8. Lynn Hanna. Northern Ireland.
  9. Lay Kwai Chung. China.
  10. Tatiana Yalovchak. Ukraine.


Cameramen (permit for Everest - 8,848 m)


  1. Denis Provalov. Russia.
  2. Vladimir Kotlyar. Russia.



 Guides (permit for Everest - 8,848 m)


  1. Alexander Abramov. Russia. 6 ascents to the summit.
  2. Sergey Larin. Russia. 4 ascents to the summit.
  3. Lyudmila Korobeshko. Russia. 2 ascents to the summit.
  4. Noel Hanna. Northern Ireland. 7 ascents to the summit.


Total the top of Everest climbers 16  (12 + 4)


Planned record achievements:


Alexander Abramov - Lyudmila Korobeshko: 3rd ascent of couples, the first time in the world.


Lynn Hanna - Noel Hannah: 1st in the history of climbing couples on two routes (South – North).


Liana Chabdarova: first Balkar woman.



Tatiana Yalovchak: the first woman from Ukraine.



Roman Reutov: panoramic shot record on Everest.



Group with permits for the North Col of Everest (7,000 meters)


  1. Andrew Viktorson. Russia.
  2. Nadejda Vosresenskaya. Russia.
  3. Marina Gevorgyan. Russia.
  4. Zbigniew Wolny. Poland.
  5. Przemyslaw Simeon. Poland.
  6. Maxim Shakirov. Russia.
  7. Elena Abramova. Russia.


 A film crew of the RD studio with permits for the North Col of Everest (7,000 meters)


  1. Christine Kozlova. Russia.
  2. Alexander Kubasov. Russia.
  3. Vladimir Kudinov. Russia.



During the expedition the group RD  studio will continue to shooting a film started last year for the main Russian television Channel One. Roman Reutov with help of experienced climber Maxim Shakirov continue to shoot the panoramic route of ascent for the Yandex company.


 The 1st Russian Women's Everest Expedition team will run independently of the other groups. Leader Lyudmila Korobeshko.