29 July 2016, 18:45

Today, 29 July, the 7 Summits Club starts  new alpine programs for the two groups. The first group plans to climb Mont Blanc. Today, they meet with their guide and start working on the standard program. Guys came by car from Kaliningrad to conquer the highest summit of Western Europe.


Climbing  Matterhorn – it is an individual program.  There is only two climbers in the group : a client and a guide. In the role of client it will be a woman again, this time it's Ekaterina Klenowa. Recently she had a birthday, and she decided to make a gift for herself: a climb a summit, which is the dream of every climber -  on the Matterhorn.


 At this time all participants are in Chamonix (including Ekaterina), enjoy the mountain air of the French Alps before the upcoming feats. They will spend a couple of days here in the acclimatization.