Providing expeditions
since 2005
29 August 2016, 20:32

 Today we begin work immediately  with 4 groups in Europe. Participants of the three groups will undertake an attempt to climb  the summit of Mont Blanc.

Members of the first group (Egor as a guide) are going to celebrate the birthday of his friend, Andrey Prudnikov, on the  top of the mountain. The second group consists of our novice heroes. This Alexander and Dmitry Tertychnyi. Father and son, actively conquer the peaks around the world. Dmitry is 15 years old, but he travels extensively with his father and raised to new heights. Guide: Artem Rostovtsev.

  And the third group it is  beautiful Catherine Kalabukhova, who came to Chamonix from the Principality of Monaco to see the beauty of the Alps with the highest peak in Western Europe -  with mountain guide Roman Gorodyshchensky.

A fourth group will climb first Matterhorn and Mont Blanc after. It is Vadim Vokryachko and as a  guide Maxim Foygel.