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22 December 2016, 13:44. Vinson, all programs »

Hello! Alexander Abramov from Antarctica, Vinson Massive. Today we managed to get through to the Lower camp -  this is the next camp for the base. Here we set up tents. Today's weather is great, the sun shines, warmly. Tomorrow the plan we are making a deposit in the upper, High camp and went down to the base. We will start at 12 am and will go down as planned at about 11 at night. Imagine - it is one of the most warm time of day, warm and sunshine, perfect. We have dinner and again at two in the night go to bed. At about 3 am  in the camp comes shade and the temperature became  about minus 25 - minus 30. Therefore, it is desirable to spend this time inside the tent. The temperature inside lowed to minus 15 degrees. At am 11-30 the sun came and  am Midday there is plus 20 in tents!

Here's our Antarctica!

 We're going to rest, there is already 2 am!

For a while! We all are fine, everyone feels great.