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7 February 2017, 12:15. Aconcagua, all programs »

Sergey Larin: …. We climbed on top of Aconcagua …. went down to the Cholera camp. We all are fine. Detailed information - from Plas de Mulas. See you! Sergey Larin.


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 Weather also created great difficulties. Strong wind didn't cease all the time of ascent, frequent and dense snow reduced visibility to several meters, the hard frost added to "pepper" to feelings.


 Nevertheless, in 12 hours the group reached top. The way back took about 2,5 hours. All people exhausted returned to the camp from which began the final storm. After a dinner, hot tea and spending the night in tents, next morning, they begin descent to the base camp. It is possible (if everything develops favorably)  tomorrow, having taken rest in the base camp, they will go down, having finished a route.