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28 July 2017, 09:45

Day 1 (1020 m) with Savva Kalashnov

Chamonix met us with heavy rain and low clouds. But even in this weather you could see the mountain range that was rising up into the clouds and beyond. The clouds were covering the majestic beauty, but even then the view was amazing! The weather forecast for the next three days wasn't very promising. Our instructor Roman said that the cyklone turned to be pretty scary in higher altitudes, it's snowing like it's winter up there. Because of this, our program was altered to make the aclimatisation easier. By the looks of things, everyday we will decend to Chamoni× except for the last day before the final stretch. We'll see, people say it's easier to reach the summit that way. We spent this evening walking around in Chamonix, eating and buying/renting everything we needed for the climb. The city went to sleep 20.00, all the stores closed and only restaurants continued to attract us with their smell. But they couldn't lure us, we are already satisfied and tired...

See you tomorrow!


Day 2 (3295 m)

Training has finally started! It was awesome! The weather has finally cleared to reveal the sun, it was beautiful! We took the lift to 3295 meters, put on our "armor" and took a stroll up Glacier d'Argentière For the first time it was more than enough. While hiking up, we saw how a French climber fell down into a crack in the snow. He was walking and suddenly disappeared into the snow! We couldn't get the camera out to film his fall but we filmed how he was being rescued. Everyone was so calm, like it was normal business, when someone disappeares into the ground like that... And that's why you never should go into the alps alone. If your technique is good and you trust your comrades, mountaineering is an awesome hobby... But if not, it can be very dangerous, mountains don't allow errors! @ Chamonix, Mont Blanc 3842m


Day 3 (3842 m )

I barely have power to write this today! Today was a very productive day, this day started in Aiguille du midi 3842. The walk was completed with good spirit and almost without altitude sickness. We descended from the mountain happy and tired. We also had a lot to do in the evening. Tomorrow's ascension to Reduce du Goûter 3863 is going to be at least twice as hard as today's walk. And the challenges that await us during the night on the 29th of July are scary to think about! We set clear goals in front of us and fight. Our motto is "bravery and stupidity" 😜😬 See you tomorrow! @ Aiguille du Midi