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30 July 2017, 23:36

We started our climb early in the morning and approximately 8.30 we were at the final station of the Mont Blanc tram called Nid D'aigle (2380m). In front of us waited 7 hours of climbing through Refuge de Téte Rousse (3187m) to Refuge du Goûter (3863m) from where we would have to climb all the way to the top of Mont Blanc (4810m).
It so happened that not long before leaving for Chamonix, our program got an "easier" program because of an issue with overbooking at all shelters. But they did not take into account the fact that the 7 hour ascent (for professionals it takes five) and the attempt to climb to the the summit on the same night is a very serious test for an office manager and student. In my opinion, our chances of climbing to the top equal approximately 20%. After we reached the rock ridge (with a difficulty level of 3) along which we climbed for about 4 hours, We thought about every step we made and hoped that we got to the Refuge du Goûte. At the shelter, we had supper and went to bed around 9 pm. It is hard to sleep at such altitudes because you can feel your heart beating through your throat. You have to force yourself to fall asleep and at least slightly fill up your energy. We are going to wake up in 2 a.m. We are waiting for an even more serious test!