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31 July 2017, 21:27. North Pole, all programs »

A unique journey on Board the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker "50 let Pobedy". The tour starts in Murmansk.

From here, you go to the geographic North Pole. The cruise itinerary takes you through the legendary archipelago of Franz-Joseph.

You will have the opportunity to arrange the northernmost on the planet photo session on the background of the bulk of the icebreaker, take a dip in the waters of the Arctic ocean, as well as get acquainted with the fascinating history of Arctic discoveries. Bright carpets of Arctic flowers, bird colonies, rookeries of walruses, a vast archipelago of Franz-Joseph's offers excellent opportunities for photography and just enjoying the pristine nature of the Arctic.


Only 3 dates in 2018:

July 08 - July 20

July 19 - July 31

July 30 - August 11


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