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26 September 2017, 06:46

Maxim Shakirov, guide of the 7 Summits Club from  Greece: more photos of Meteors to all of you from Armen Esaulov,  team Forex Time, as well as his photos from the E4 path on Mount Olympus.


About the route:

It's not the easy trekking that requires participants ' constant attention, endurance and willpower. The difficulties of the route brightens stunning views, the smells and the opportunity to experience an extremely pure, however, and the unusually cold water of the mountain river.


About the team:

We went this route in 6 hours and 15 minutes, instead of the usual 7-8 hours mentioned in the guide books. Given that the team had people with different physical training, I think this is a decent result, to fully characterize how the command itself and each of its participants!



At the end of this trip, at the last dinner, I absolutely truly said that with great pleasure the next time you go to any, even the most difficult journey  all together, and with each team member individually!

Thank you all very much!!!