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14 December 2017, 09:28. Vinson, all programs »


Vladimir Kotlyar,a guide of the 7 Summits Club from Antarctica:

Aloha, 7 Summits! The group of Artem Rostovtsev and Vladimir Kotlyar successfully climbed to the top of the Vinson Massif. Unfortunately, one participant did not get up, but it's okay. This is our friend from Canada, with him everything is OK.

Now we went down to Low Camp and Artem here cooked an amazing risotto with seafood ... In general ... I'm now salivating a chill ..

In general, he met us with a teapot. It was great!  Unfortunately, Low Camp has suffered a little, so now we have such a beautiful snow picnic ... Everyone is happy, everything is fine. Slowly everything, the group is going to go home. All thanks for your attention! And before the connection!

And a second, now I'll give you!


Tatiana Yalovchak, participant of the group:

Hello! I am Yalovchak Tatyana. Igor Grushko and I have finished the Seven summits proram today, thanks to the Seven Summits Club company, Kotlyar and Artem. Thank you very much!


Vladimir Kotlyar:

In general, Tatyana is the first Ukrainian woman who made the program "Seven Summits".