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22 December 2017, 20:15. Vinson, all programs »

Hello! Alexander Abramov from Antarctica, from the base camp of Vinson Massif. Yesterday, we came here. The weather was gorgeous. We made a movie and a group of porters went to the Low camp and put a new tent. And took all the products. Today we plan to move to an altitude of 3200 meters...

  Today, the rangers said that at night  there will be a very strong hurricane in Low camp. Up to 60 knots So now we urgently collect base camp and moved to the Low camp, because we don't want the bad weather caught us on the road. Now visibility is very bad. It is seen that bad weather is approaching. In general, we will try to escape it  this afternoon.

The team we have ... 12 Japanese members, one Japanese tour guide, Vladimir Kotlyar, Artem Rostovtsev and Alexander Abramov.