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23 December 2017, 07:23. Vinson, all programs »

Hello! Today we have bad weather. We just tonight came to Low camp. In general we were warned by the Rangers that there will be a strong wind. Somewhere 60 knots, about 110 km per hour (?) but somehow we did not believe it.

This morning I was awakened by the Japanese – they have broken one arc on the tent.  It begun to blow hard. All day we have struggled with wind made snow walls, repaired tents etc…

Also, thank God, we have one big tent, which is called Sensei. And now this tent, it now tries to break by the wind, the wind about 110 km per hour.

Trying to break, but as long as it stays.

But inside the tent we're fine, we've got a lot of food,  there are tables, chairs. We have enough fuel, the main thing – not to break the main tent. We only have two tents that are visually not affected. The rest is either one arc is broken, either all...

If the wind will weaken, we will repair...

All, all, goodbye!