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23 January 2018, 07:32

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition Ojos del Salado. Today our team went by car to the Pass of San Francisco. And then we scored a height of about 200 metres over rough terrain, rock almost. After that, we continued the ascent on foot. It was climbing for the purpose of acclimatization therefore part of the group reached to a height of 5800. And some have climbed to the top of San Francisco. Actually, this is the first ascent this year of the 7 Summits Club on sixthousander. San Francisco  has height 6015 or 6016 metres. A strong wind blew, I did not even recall such strong wind.

 But, nevertheless, four members ascended. This is Alexander Abramov, Christina Putintseva, Alexey Balakin and Alexander Popov. On the descent we have one car wouldn't start. Well, as a result, tomorrow we have a day of rest ....