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The first season trek to the foot of Everest has begun


08/04/2018 20:05

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov:

 Namaste from Kathmandu!  The first group trekking to Everest BC is here. Someone had almost the whole day to enjoy the exotic squares and palaces of the capital and the drilling of the Thamel, someone arrived literally on the flag...  But tomorrow at 6: 15 there will be a flight to Lukla. Early rise in 4.15 was perceived with a little inspiration, but with a great understanding! After all, tomorrow is the start  of that everyone had been waiting for long and to which so prepared.


Meeting at the airport.  As always, we are the most visible!



How can you look so spiritual after the flight Magadan - Moscow - Doha-Kathmandu, we must ask Natalia and Constantine!


No wonder Anton has almost 7000 followers on Instagram! The smile makes the man!...



Cable hubs of Thamel. One of the local attractions. Never ceases to amaze!...



Well, it is Thamel! Boiling cauldron, nothing has changed!...



The name of the group early negotiation to all participants! Greet! A Group Of Harmless Beginners!...


The first interview was Harmless Beginners! They are  employees of the Irkutsk laboratory…



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