6 January, 07:09

 Victor Volodin, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Argentina: The morning of January 5 was stressful for the 7 Summits Club group. Accelerated packing, weighing of equipment, packing, shrinkage, and, finally, we are loaded into buses. We are going in the right direction and in four hours we are at the place, at the gates of the national park. Here we register the permits and go out towards the first camp. 3.5 - 4 hours trek and we are on the spot, in the Confluencia camp. Everyone feels good, everyone is happy. Tomorrow we plan to make an acclimatization outing.

On this day, our advanced team of guides Alexander Abramov, Nikita Slotin and Valery Myasoedov climbed up to the Base Camp of the Plaza de Mulas 4300m. Tomorrow they will start lifting loads to the upper camps and will take care of their equipment.