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2 November 2022, 09:52

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Viktor Volodin reports from Nepal:

Chronology of the ascent of the "Upward Movement" group on Ama-Dablam.

 On October 27, the group left the base camp for Camp 1. The path is quite simple, but very long.  At first, he walks over simple mounds and hills, and then over rocks and not very steep slabs, we approach the first camp.

 October 28th. We leave the camp not very early. Mostly along fixed ropes on steep cliffs, we get to the second camp. It is located on a small rocky island, where there is very limited space for tents. We had to make room very much. The four of us spend the night, where everyone has stones sticking out under our backs. The night passed with great difficulties, but this did not stop us.  And on the morning of October 29, we go up to the camp 3. Also, we move along steep fixed ropes on rocks, ice, snow in full force to the third camp. It is located on a snow-ice “cushion”, tents stand well and horizontally. Here you can decompose well and stretch out to your full height. But there is one drawback - a strong wind is blowing, but this is not such a problem. We are resting.

 On October 30, in the morning, with a strong wind, but good visibility, we go up. Katya stays in the camp because she is not feeling very well. The path continues along the snow-ice wall and ridge. We are moving slowly, the height is already felt. And at 14.30 we reached the top, from where a wonderful and beautiful view of the Himalayan giants opens: Everest, Lhotse, Makalu is my dream,  with the Parago rib.  We take memorable pictures and after 15 minutes we begin the descent. Everything goes well and safely, we go down to camp 3. On October 31, we begin the descent to the base camp, everything is fine, everyone is happy . The base camp is waiting for us with good food, a shower and everything you need to continue life. Today we are going down to Kathmandu, to wash, to eat and to prepare for departure to the Homeland. Thank you for watching and worrying about us!