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13 January, 08:33. Sidley, all programs »

Lyudmila Korobeshko, a guide and director of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Punta Arenas (Chile):

 January 12. Greetings to all from Punta Arenas from the DDT group (Drink Dream Team) - aka "Empanadas", aka "expedition to Sidley".

Late yesterday evening on January 11, after a one-day delay, we flew from Antarctica to the Mainland - more precisely, to Punta Arenas.

A solemn awarding ceremony was held with diplomas and medals. Each participant of our expedition was awarded two diplomas (for Sidley and for the South Pole) and two medals (a small silver one with Sidley's image and a large one for Antarctic programs).  That's why we celebrated the end of the expedition on a double scale. Joyfully.

Most of the group left today for home. The other part went traveling. Nikolai is going to have a long trip to Patagonia. Sergey and Andrey plan to explore some remote corners of Chile - Easter Island and Pedro de Atacama, and then go to the highest volcano in the world - Ojos Del Salado. We will wait for news from them.

So the adventure continues!







 Portraits of the participants of the Sidley expedition:


Evgeny Fedorov. 7 volcanoes completed the project by climbing Sidley. Now he's staying in Antarctica - he's going with our next group to climb Vinson. Plans to close 7 Summits.


Andrey Kravchenko. Sidley became the fifth volcano out of seven. He goes to Ojos del Salado with our group since January 19th. Plans to close the 7 Volcanoes project. And 7 Summits in the future


Nikolai Tomchak. Sidley completed the 7 Volcanoes project. The best shots from our expedition belong to him.


Igor Rebelsky. Sidley became his 6th volcano. He plans to complete the project of 7 Volcanoes within a year. Ojos remained.



Sergey Vasiliev. Sidley became his 6th volcano. He is currently flying to Ojos and hopes to close 7 Volcanoes. According to the results of the expedition to Sidley, he promises to release Sidley beer.  He introduced the tradition of releasing beer at the end of each expedition to the next volcano. We are waiting for "Sidley"!


Oleg Pipkov. After Sidley he closed the 7 Volcanoes project. We are waiting to see what else he will surprise us with!


Yuri Lukyanov became the first representative of Kazakhstan in Sidley. Before that, with the Last Degree Program he reached the South Pole. He plans to close the 7 Volcanoes project this year. His project also includes to finish 7 Summits (6 out of 7) and 14 eight-thousandthers. In the spring he comes with us to Dhaulagiri.


Vladimir Solovyov is the soul of our team, as well as the heart and engine. He was at the origins of the 7 volcanoes project for part of the current team (he assembled the team on Kilimanjaro 3 years ago). And three years later, part of that team successfully completed the 7 Volcanoes project, and some are still in the process of completion.