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27 November 2021, 17:36. Everest, all programs »

 How fast can you climb Mount Everest? This general question is divided into two. How fast can you climb from the base camp to the top?  And – how quickly you can climb to the top from the beginning of the expedition. We are talking about records, and not about them. The program of the 7 Summits Club "Blitz" is not about records. This is expediency and rationality. One of the solutions to the problem: "there is a desire to climb Mount Everest – there is no way to spend two months on an expedition"…



And the record holders… You will be able to meet them at the base camp. Karl Egloff and Marc Batard plan to set new achievements for 2022, and for Sherpa Kami Rita, records are the main job.



Proposals of the 7 Summits Club, Everest Expedition 2022. Leader Alex Abramov.


This is American Roxanne Gonzalez Vogel.

Her record is unofficial. Perhaps one of the climbers could prove that he was on the expedition for a shorter period. For example, someone flew over from another eight-thousandth and already acclimatized went to the mountain. Or someone even lives in the Khumbu Valley and, after leaving home, only stopped at the base camp for a day. Records of the shortness of stay in the expedition are still a novelty.

 But Roxanne (Roxy) showed the whole world the action of a program similar to our "Blitz". Even much shorter - 14 days from home to home in California.

 (1) The program is available for well-trained people. Roxy has been doing sports all her life, professionally - sports nutrition. She runs ultra-marathons at a competitive level.

 (2) The program is available for those who already know their body's reaction to altitude. Roxy has been climbing for many years. She went, in particular, to Denali and Aconcagua, dozens of routes in the mountains of the USA. And just before Everest, Roxy visited South America, where she climbed three five-thousand meters in Ecuador in five days and on Ojos del Salado in just five days (from home to home).

 (3) But the most important thing is that the program includes long-term training at home. The training consists of regular prolonged sleep in a specially equipped, so-called hypoxic tent.  Nitrogen is pumped into it by a special generator and an atmosphere similar to high-altitude conditions is created.



Alex Abramov on the air about the Everest expedition and the Blitz program.




Record holders, who can be found at the base camp.

 Kami Rita will be 52 years old, he has climbed to the top of the World 25 times.



Karl Egloff aims to set speed records on all the "seven summits".  There are four of them in his collection: Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. An Ecuadorian Swiss or Swiss Ecuadorian hopes that nothing will prevent him from fighting time on the slopes of Mount Everest this year.

 Marc Batard

Karl Egloff intends to break the record of this Frenchman. In 1988, Mark ran from base camp to the summit of Mount Everest in 22.5 hours.  Several Sherpas walked much faster, but they all used oxygen tanks. And the Batar climbed without the use of additional (artificial) oxygen.  The 69-year-old Frenchman returned to Everest this year to find and equip a way bypassing of the Khumbu icefall.  Already in the mountains he celebrated his 70th birthday. And in 2022, he plans to officially open this path and climb to the top again without oxygen. And thus set an age record for oxygen-free ascent. It belongs so far to the Italian guide Abele Blanc - 55 years old.