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Olga Rumyantseva, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Papua New Guinea:

 Hello everyone from Papua New Guinea! Yesterday, the second group of those wishing to climb the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania, Giluwe, began to gather in the city of Mount Hagen.

Due to transportation problems, not all participants were able to arrive on time. But this morning the whole group got together, and we went on an adventure.

To begin with, we visited the village of Playa, where we got acquainted with local customs. We watched how food was prepared in a way called MU-MU - sweet potatoes, herbs and meat were baked in a pit using red-hot stones.

Then we talked with the locals, watched the national dances and costumes of this village. We got acquainted with the leader and his wives, looked at the place where the skulls of previous leaders are kept.

After this interesting and informative excursion, after tasting the meat already cooked on the rocks, we went to the lodge, from where we will go climbing tomorrow morning.

Olga Rumyantseva, Boris Egorov, Maria Besogonova and the Sun Shine group are in touch with you.