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since 2005

This simply does not happen on the Giluve volcano! So that during the two days of approach and ascent we never put on raincoats. On the first day, we reached the base camp by a rapid march through the jungles and swamps. In the evening, we worked out the movement in ropes, simultaneously learning how to knit the necessary knots. And the very next day our group "Sun Shine" fully justified its name. Dressed only in longsleeves, under the sun, we admired the views from the top of the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania!

The ascent was wonderful, everyone worked smoothly, and the ropes did not slow down the progress. We quickly went down to the camp, packed up our things and ran to the bus, which took us, satisfied, to the shower and bed.

The gala evening with the presentation of medals is scheduled for the next day. But now we sincerely congratulate the team from Uzbekistan, the members in our expedition became the first representatives of their country at the summit of Giluwe! And, of course, Andrey Kravchenko, who completed the Seven Volcanoes program!  Hurrah!

Guides Boris Egorov, Olga Rumyantseva and Maria Besogonova.