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since 2005
17 May, 14:04

 Andrey Kravchenko spent some time counting between his projects "Seven Summits" and "Seven Volcanoes". And the score was 4:4. But then the volcanoes made a winning leap. In any case, Andrey turned out to be the winner. After yesterday's ascent of Mount Giluwe, the highest volcano on the Australian continent, as part of the Sun Shine 7 Summits Club group, the Seven Volcanoes program is completed! Andrey will be ranked 46th in the World and 14th in Russia in the list of heroes. We are the leaders! More than 30% are our compatriots. And we plan to increase this percentage. Two groups have already been formed for the upcoming season by the 7 Summits Club!

 Well, we wish Andrey to even the score!  We know that in his plans there are three missing Summits Carstensz, Everest and Denali. If there are no subjective (political) problems, we are sure that he will cope.