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25 July 2023, 19:25

Well, the ascent continued. The first two groups spend the night in Camp-3 (7400), the third – in Camp-2 (6600). The path to Camp 4 has already been trodden and equipped with fixed ropes. Tomorrow, the leading team of Sherpas will continue processing the route in order to reach the top on July 27.

 Lyudmila Korobeshko (Group-3):

They went out to storm, moving to Camp 2 on 6600. There was no good weather for a week. It seems to be getting better now.

Now at lunchtime on July 25, we came to Camp 2 on K2.




Vladimir Kotlyar, high-altitude operator (Group-1):

Today, according to the forecast, there should be bad weather, but to our joy, the forecast has not yet been justified.

At six in the morning, we got out of the tents, put on the crampons and harness, then and climbed up in the hope for the best.

If this weather lasts for four days, then we have every chance. There is a mountain, you have to climb!