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14 August 2023, 20:28. Everest, all programs »

Good news: China has confirmed permission to conduct an expedition on Mount Everest from the north. And we are already accepting applications for the spring of 2024! Dreams come true!

From 2003 to 2019 (with a couple of breaks), the 7 Summits Club organized expeditions to Mount Everest from the North Side, from Tibet. Naturally, for 15 seasons we have lived in these places so much that they have become our own, home. The cataclysms of recent years have forced us to relocate to the South Side. Of course, we have settled in here enough. But everyone remembered the past years with some nostalgia. When we left, we promised to return, and we will fulfill this promise. Join our expedition!

The route from the north is very different from the route from the south. They actually have little in common. So those who walked from the south may well supplement their acquaintance with Everest by visiting its northern slopes.

What are the advantages of Tibet.

Firstly, actually in the opportunity to get acquainted with this Tibet. And  this Tibet, is unique and unforgettable. We start our route in its capital Lhasa and the way to the base camp passes through places where the old and the new, primitive and high-tech, bizarrely overlap.

A highway approaches the base camp from the north. What advantages it gives can be listed for a very long time, without naming everything. In any case, the accommodation here is more comfortable and the rest in the base camp is of higher quality. We are free to go down on rest and buy everything we need.

The route from the north (Mallory and Irvine's way) is longer and physically more difficult than from the south. But it is practically devoid of objective dangers, which are in abundance on the other side of the mountain.

It is practically guaranteed that there will be an order of magnitude fewer climbers on the northern route than on the southern route. And this is important both in terms of security and in terms of personal emotions.