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24 December 2023, 07:33

Andrey Muravyov, a participant in several of our programs, sent us a message from far away Australia. There, by climbing Kosciuszko Mountain, he successfully completed the "Seven Summits" program, climbing all the highest summits of all continents. The 7 Summits Club cordially congratulates Andrey and wishes him good luck in achieving new goals!  For example, why not complete the "Seven Volcanoes" as well?  Or add some eightthousander? Andrey is an entrepreneur and traveler, a native and pupil of Buryatia, who now lives in Moscow. We hope that his career as a "collector of summits" will continue with the participation of our company.

 Andrey Muravyov from Australia:

Yes, I decided not to delay and finish the project "Seven Summits - Seven Continents" this year. Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point of the continent of Australia, is located here.

And even though the Mountain is the most technically simple and not high (2228 m) of the entire "star seven", now it is very difficult to just get here, taking into account the circumstances. I climbed the first peak of Kilimanjaro in Africa in 2017.

Accordingly, seven summits of all continents of the world have been reached in seven years; it seems to me that this will be a good result.