19 April 2021, 15:00

A guide 7 Summits Club Sergey Avtomonov: The group "Three guest workers, not counting the dog"is in touch. Yesterday we crossed from Kothe to Tagnak, and on the way our dog decided to leave us. But it was immediately replaced by a new dog, so that's all right! In Tagnak, the local Sherpas were very insistent to persuade us to drink a local alcoholic drink, but we had work to do, so we refused. After the night, part of the group already felt the height and then during the day we walked slowly, but still reached the loggias of Khare. These are the last loggias on our way. The road has tired everyone, but we are serious. Tomorrow will be the last day of equipment preparation and technical skills training. Then we go to the base camp on the glacier.