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22 April 2023, 18:26

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergey Avtomonov reports from Nepal:

 Hooray! The Drink team group made an ascent on Mera Peak. We tried not to get drunk too much and we could! There was no communication for two days.  During this time, we reached the assault camp 5800. We slept at a new height for everyone in tents. In the morning, we went out to climb, views of Mount Everest Lhotse and other eight-thousand-meter Summits opened. While we were going up, the weather was frosty, but clear. And on the descent the fog tightened and we were looking for a way between the cracks to the camp. On the descent from the assault camp, it snowed with a thunderstorm, which turned off the Internet in the whole district. And in the morning we safely went by helicopter to Lukla, where we continue to rest now. We're splitting up tomorrow. Part of the group is flying under Island Peak.  And part of it is in Kathmandu to rest and fly home.