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16 June 2023, 22:59. Ararat, all programs »

The Guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergey Avtomonov reports from Turkey:

The group "Masha and the Bears" climbed the summit of Mount Ararat. Not quite a full team, due to bad weather, but Masha has reached the top! Everyone is alive and well, everyone went down to the city, rested after a hard climb and winter weather. On the night of climbing at the top, the forecast did not come true and the wind was up to 50 km per hour, aggravated by snow and lack of visibility. After the descent, we were caught by hail in the assault camp. And then we went down to Dogubayazit. And we spent the night at the hotel. Then we visited the palace of Ishaq Pasha, then we went to the city of Van, swam in the lake and got to the hotel. And in the evening we celebrated the ascent and the end of the program.