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14 August 2023, 21:49. Ararat, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergey Avtomonov reports from Turkey:

The group "Van Cats" from the slopes of the sacred Mount Ararat.  I'm not a cat myself, but they chose the name, so they chose it. Today we saw Ararat for the first time and immediately went up to the first camp at 3200. We were tormented by terrible heat all day, but we stubbornly went up. However, almost at the base camp, we were offered to get to the first camp by car. And part of the group took advantage of this offer. But it won't affect acclimatization, so it's not a big deal. In the evening we had a delicious meal and checked the state of health. Everyone feels good, some participants have even higher oxygen than me! Tomorrow we will go to acclimatization for 4200. The weather promises to be hot again!