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Olga Rumyantseva, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Tanzania:

Greetings from Tanzania from the band Big Change! Today we made an almost heroic crossing of the Barranco Wall. The usually exciting climb was complicated by the fact that it had been raining since six in the morning. We waited for a while, hoping that it would stop. But the rain didn't stop. Therefore, we decided to climb the wall in the rain. Climbing rocks with streams of water flowing over them is not easy. But we did it.

After a small tea party, spiced with rain at the top of the Barranco wall, we continued on our way to the Karanga camp. Still in the rain. Only sometimes, through small gaps, it was possible to notice what beauty was around.

The sun came out in the camp for a while, so we managed to dry things. And after that, a rainstorm with snow fell on the camp and almost washed away the camp.

However, this cataclysm was also survived.

Now we are resting and preparing for the ascent to the summit, which will begin tomorrow evening. While there is an opportunity and good conditions, we check all things, select clothes. Well, we are mentally preparing, of course.