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26 January 2023, 22:31

Nikita Slotin, the guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Chile:

Greetings from Chile from the group "Malaquitas"!  We're back in touch!!! Elon Musk failed with the Internet and we were left out of touch for a few days!  What has happened in these days?

23.01. The group climbed on the summit of San Francisco! The weather was pleasant, the sun was shining, but on the descent the wind showed who was in charge here.

24.01. Rested in full! Morning boat trip on the lake "Three in a boat, not counting watermelon", barbecue at the springs and evening karaoke with Italians ...

25.01. We went up to the Tejos shelter for the overnight, we did not meet a cougar, but admired the starry sky! The car, to be honest, didn't really want to go up, but we forced it ...

26.01. Today, not without adventures, we went down to Laguna Verde.

Now we are resting, gaining strength and waiting for the weather to climb Ojos del Salado!