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28 September 2014, 09:26. Elbrus, all programs »

An well-known Russian-Ingush woman alpinist has gone missing on the country's highest mountain, authorities in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria said last Wednesday.

Leila Albogachiyeva, the first Russian woman to have ascended Mount Everest from two sides, has been missing since Monday after she failed to return to the Terskol valley during her descent from Mount Elbrus, the regional Interior Ministry said in an online statement.

A team has been organized to scour Mount Elbrus — also the highest peak in Europe — in search of Albogachiyeva, but strong winds and heavy snow had hindered rescue efforts over the past two days, the ministry said.

The Leila's belongings (backpack, camera, poles, combi suit) were discovered by alpinists from the city of Nizhny Novgorod on the Eastern slopes of Mount Elbrus. Probably she left it to go to the toilet and slipped.

She had not provided her itinerary to Mount Elbrus' search and rescue team ahead of her climb, which also complicates their efforts to locate her, according to authorities.



The 7 Summits-Club: First in her nobody believed. In the team “Ingushetia on top of the world", it seemed, she was included for the statistics. There must be at least one person is a female! As she just went to the end, each time she was going to end, not giving a chance to her weaknesses. Iron will... Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, finally, Everest. It seemed that was her limit. But it was followed by a second Everest, the plans were for third time. And much more... Climbing skill of her, of course, was not enough, as a knowledge, understanding. But it is unlikely to have played a role in the tragic incident. It's really a coincidence...


The last shooting Leila was made in the vicinity of the summit of Elbrus



According to the video camera it was recorded the 17th of September, at about 4 p.m.. Most likely on the same day, disaster struck.

Message to the rulers of the world are against the war. This is the story of a climb Leila on the summits of Elbrus