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1 October 2014, 22:36. Cho-Oyu, all programs »

The team returned after acclimatization climb to the camp 2. It's all right. On the mountain it was very cold, but in general, the conditions of Cho Oyu are favorable for climbing. In recent days, has been made many successful ascents. Hope for success and we ...

From Camp 2 to Camp 1 Eugene Voronov went by snowboard. We all were frozen at Camp 2 and tired as dogs. Only Eugene hovered over the steep slopes like a bird.

The real picture is as follows: the route we have mastered, all got up and spent the night at an altitude of 7100m. All are healthy and ready for a rest before attempting to assault. Now we have three nights to spend in the ABC at 5700m, and then go on the final climb.

The team:

Catherine Pozdeeva (Khanty-Mansiysk), George Kuzmin (Moscow, Russia), Anatoly Mensky (Tyumen), Cyril Muraviev (St. Petersburg) and Oleg Pimenov (Latvia, Russia). Leader: Alex Abramov.