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13 September 2011, 20:36

Hi everyone!
Almost all the guide and managers of 7 Summits Club comes in the Crimea, and not just relaxing, but also to gain new knowledge and skills of the profession of mountain guide. But let’s start from the very beginning!

On Saturday evening we arrived in the glorious village of Simeiz.

Of course, in the first day we did not have lessons, but staged a night swimming in the Black sea. Honesty to say, not all the guides of 7 Summits ventured on it's, but those who has found the forces in itself for this were satisfied and happy:)


In Sunday we started with lectures about medicine in the mountains, from our friend, Dr. Igor Pokhvalin. Igor gave us a short course about a typical disease in the mountains, the psychological aspect in the work of a mountain guide and about the specific of high-altitude ascents.

After this, despite the rain, we went to practice our skills on the rocks. Our team was split up into two groups, with one works instructor - Denis Saveliev, on the other Igor Pekhterev.

The first trainee on the rocks

Judging by the exhausted, but still pleased faces of our guides, all have a lot of enthusiasm for learning, and working hard receiving new knowledge.

Our instructor Igor Pekhterev and the doctor and mountaineer Igor Pokhvalin. Experience exchanging

 Instructor Dan Saveliev shows how Canadian guides makes the ancors

On Monday we continued our training, learning to properly work with the client in short rope, walking with him on the rocks, and much more. On the same day we were joined by our chef - Alexander Abramov.
These are the routes we climb.. for warm-up)))

On Tuesday, we plan improvement of skills of work on a rocky terrain, and certainly a lot of new and interesting things!

Buy everyone, the Team of the 7 Summits Club!