Providing expeditions
since 2005
19 October 2011, 17:38

Today, October 21, starts new program of the 7 Summits Club in Nepal - ascent to Mera Peak! Previously, all our groups sought closer to the Everest - at Kalapatar or Island Peak. In this program the expedition will go in the opposite direction to the summit of Makalu, climbing in quite wild places. So many nights  our group will spend in tents.

The head of the expedition Dmitry Ermakov flies in Nepal today. Dmitry will have to finish the last preparations for the arrival of the group and host a banquet in the legendary Rum Doodle  which honored our club, which included a large number of climbers to the Everest.

The participants of the expedition:


  1.    Dmitry Ermakov - guide, expedition leader
  2.    Apal'kov Alexander
  3.    Dmitry Barabanov
  4.    Sergey Dmitriev
  5.    Alexander Dubinkin
  6.    Kirill Ants
  7.    Andrey Podolyan
  8.    Vitaly Simonovic   
  9.    Alexander Sobolenko 
  10.    Mikhail Filippov