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15 July 2010, 17:34. Elbrus, all programs »

Weather forecasts for several days on Mount Elbrus shows a lack of visibility, strong winds and snowfall. No improvement. So we had to go today, not trying to wait for the mercy of the weather. Our experienced guides Victor Bobok, Pavel Milanov and Oleg Miller decided to start this night.

They knew that it would not be easy and it turned out. The climb reminds winter ascents of Elbrus. The Group was ready for such situation. The two climbed on skis and went down. Victor Bobok twice went to the summit from the saddle to ensure 100% success of the team. All went on and all went down, albeit at different times. At an altitude below 4000 meters it was already warm, even in fog. More below – it was hot, climbers were tired, but there they were waiting for a shower, a restaurant, a clean bed in the Povorot hotel.

Congratulations to all!