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17 June 2010, 10:57

The famous Russian collector of eight-thousanders, Honored Master of Sports, Sergey Bogomolov visited office 7 Summits Club. In outcome of the spring expedition on Annapurna he can say simply: he is happy. Finally, the mountain let him climbed with the fourth attempt. They just did everything correctly, just vast experience allows to calculate the forces right, patiently waiting, go by own speed, do not pay attention to others. Relations in the international expedition were normal, that is businesslike and with friendship. The formal leader was Peter Pustelnik, with Kinga Baranovska, Slovak Peter Hamor, Joao Garcia (Portugal), Horia Calibesanu (Romania). Direct partner of Sergey was famous Eugene Winogradsky from Yekaterinburg.


Sergey gave us 25 photos with ascents of Pumori and Annapurna for posting on the site 14-8000.

See the gallery ....

To become the first Russian to have risen to all 14 eight-thouthanders, Bogomolov should climb yet one another mountain. But this mountain - it is the formidable K2, probably the most capricious and unpredictable mountain in the world.

In order to successfully go to K2, Sergey Bogomolov mind to make a big project and build a strong company of climbers. The main option at the moment - the ascent from the north, from the Chinese side. Arriving by jeeps from Alma-Ata and further with camels caravan. The route from the north to K2 is in general easier and (more importantly) safer than from the south. However, the difficulties of organizing caravan, supply of expedition, require much more effort than in the south. And groups of climbers do not appear here each year.

In a small team it will be very hard, so Sergei Bogomolov plans to build a strong and friendly international team, with Russian-speaking core. We are ready to help him in this, especially because Bogomolov has been a guide of groups of 7 Summits Club. And we hope that our cooperation will continue in the future...


With Miss Oh

With Juanito Oirazabal

The summit !