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9 July 2010, 16:34


Yesterday evening, the group safely reached the shore after swimming to the highest navigable lake of the world - Titicaca, (3800 m). We visited the floating islands of reeds, watched live there Uros Indians. Then we sailed to the island Amantani and went on its highest peak of 4050 m. There is an ancient temple dedicated to the Pace Mother - Mother Earth. Then we spent the night in the homes with local Indians, ate their traditional foods. The next day - we crossed to the picturesque island with its stunning Takil tradition of knitting, which is supported exclusively by men. Women on the island Takil just spun and woven fabrics. Savored the delicious fried trout in a restaurant with views of Lake Titicaca, and after 3-hour voyage on the green waters of the lake moored in the port of Puno. That evening at dinner we watched the concert of good local music with dancing. Early morning we head into the city of Arequipa.

Best regards !

Luba Ivanova


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