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4 March 2010, 18:04. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

At the end of last year, in chain restaurants Tavern "Taras Bulba", the leadership held a contest of professional skill. Two winners, boy and girl, have been identified – Janna Oskolkova and Dmitry Khamidov. The main prize of the contest was a safari on the African continent and the ascent of one of the one of most remarkable mountain of the world - Kilimanjaro. The winners went to Africa together with the company's founder, an experienced mountaineer, a member of the 7 Summits Club, Yuri Beloyvan.

February 28. Yuri Beloyvan and Dmitri Khamidov climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to the peak of Uhuru .. Janna Oskolkova, unfortunately, has not reached the main summit - only Gillmans Point, which is also not bad for novice.

7 Summits Club congratulates Yuri Beloyvan and the staff of Tavern Taras Bulba with another achievement!

By the way, Yuri Beloyvan (photo below) has to its credit 5 of 7 Summits project “7 Summits of the World”.


Tavern "Taras Bulba" is the perfect place for meetings, which we visit with pleasure.They propose home Ukrainian cuisine and very reasonable prices.

A few days before on the summit of Uhuru peak was climbed by a group of our Club: Sergei Zheltov, Anatoly Kalyaev, Igor Kalyaev, Sergey Protsenko, Sergei Skachek .. Tomorrow we look forward to their return to Moscow. After Kilimanjaro, this group spent 4 days in the national parks of Tanzania ..

The next group led by Victor Bobok goes to the top after them.

Editor NG Traveller Alexander Zheleznyak also recently returned from Africa, where we helped him in organizing the trip to the National Parks and climb of the Meru Peak. We are waiting for his excellent photographs in the new issue of the journal.