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2 April 2010, 22:22

Summit attempt took place on April 1. Prior to this, March 30, it was snowing and so the whole day on March 31 team stayed at Camp 2, waiting "until the snow settles." The weather was normal: a strong wind and cold. In 6800 Peter Pustelnik, from the morning not feeling very well, decided to turn down. Slovak Peter Hamor went with him. The remaining climbers continued their ascent. However, only 100 meters from the summit, they were forced to retreat. The reason: lack of equipment, they required screws and snow stakes. It was decided not to risk, because the main purpose of ascent was not a summit, but getting acclimatization.


In the evening the entire team except for Russians was down to base camp. Sergey Bogomolov and Eugene Vinogradsky, again for reasons of acclimatization, they still remain for the night in Camp 2.


S. Bogomolov: "But we are satisfied. Acclimatization plan on the mountain run well".

According to Peter Pustelnik, it is possible that the Kinga and the Portuguese Joao Garcia will make another attempt to climb Pumori. But I think this is unlikely, because the Russian participants had already turned down the camp and lowered equipment.