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15 December 2009, 00:47. South Pole, all programs »

December, 14. 7 Summits Club team reached the South Pole.

We had a call by satphone from our team. They were very tired, but totally happy.

We are already celebrating the victory and congratulate all of you who organized the project and gave the boys a chance to reach the Pole!



During the trip participants had skiing more than 100 kilometers. At the South Pole, they visited the American station. The next day the group flew to Patriot Hills.


We heartily congratulate the 7 Summits Club team with the successful completion of the expedition to the South Pole.


Victor Bobok - guide and expedition leader now is waiting in t the second group of 7 Summits Club in Antarctika, which will depart on the ascent of Vinson Massif.