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16 December 2009, 10:10. Aconcagua, all programs »

Season on Aconcagua  started on 15th of  November and will run until March, 15. Last month about 700 people visited the area to climb the highest peak of South America, but few have reached the top. It is normal situation for this difficult period,  weather has not been established, strong winds hampered the climbers. One of the climbers died. According  not  confirmed information, this is an American 39 years old, Thai origin, named Michel Nimitsil. Three times he tried to climb the peak alone, and after he succeeded, was lost in the fog, and died, apparently of hypothermia in the upper part "of the Polish route. More than a week his body remained on the mountain, now seems to have descended.


 At this point in Mendoza was visited  by the U.S. Consul. He wondered what kind of control system is here, where nobody knows who goes where and where the documents. While everybody pay good money for permit. Americans make up a large portion of  region visitors  and Consul intends to monitor how their rights are respected. Local leaders were forced to justify that, they say, come from  liberal considerations: pay and be free. This season the number of employees of the National Park has increased significantly, and the work they have many. 16 times per month there were evacuation resque works, usually by helicopter.