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20 December 2010, 11:50. Vinson, all programs »

Alexander Abramov, from Antarctica (the message was sent in the late evening on December, 19 at Chilean time). 15th of December our team have returned to the base by a plane, from the pole to the Union Glacier camp. On December, 16 a new team arrived: Anatoly Ezhov, Andrey Podolyan, Dmitry Kolotiy. And an Ukrainian team led by Sergei Kovalev, with whom we will work in parallel. And literally on the same evening, 16th of December we went by plane to Vinson Base Camp. It was too much overloaded freight this day, as a result, Anatoly Yezhov felt pain in his back. On December 17 the whole team, except Ezhov, went on acclimatization outing with sleds.

... Yesterday, the 18-th, we tried to get to the assault (High) camp and pull a part of our materials. But the weather was bad, we did not succeed, and we left part of materials on the way. We made a hole and left it there. Today we have reached in the high camp and left half of materials needed for climbing assault .... Link  was broken