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25 December 2010, 14:40. Vinson, all programs »

27/12/2010 Hello! December 24 - the day before Christmas night. In the morning there was a terrible storm, a hurricane roared overhead, on the ridge. The wind reached a speed of 80-100 km per hour. Within days, there was no connection with the High Camp, where seven people left. We all worried, but today, at 12 a.m. they came to a connection. They said that there are a few broken tents, one tent flew away. But in general, everything is OK.

When we were in the High Camp and went down, I joked that at Christmas the weather must be good. And now, the Christmas night, at 2 a.m. the peace was established between heaven and earth. Deathly silence, the sun is shining. Here in Antarctica, the sun always shines. Just perfect weather, perfect visibility. Deathly silence. Probably tomorrow, seven climbers who spent several days in the High Camp, go on climb. We also have a plan. Tomorrow morning, we will hear the weather forecast, and if all goes well, tomorrow we leave for night in the High Camp. And the next day, probably December 26, we plan to climb Mount Vinson.

God help us !

Goodbye !