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27 December 2010, 10:01. Sidley, all programs »

A young Romanian climber Crina (Coco) Popescu and her father Ovidiu arrived December 26 in Punta Arenas, with a day late. The same day, the Polish part of our new team got (also adventure) to this Chilean town. This Zygmunt Wladyslaw Berdychowski, Roman Ludwik Dzida, Daniel Mizera, Malgorzata Bozena Pierz-Pekala. Such is the international composition of our next team, that goes to the highest peak in Antarctica. A guide of 7 Summits Club Max Bogatyrev looked for all them in the local airport two days. In the sky of the planet happen terrible things, flights delayed and extended, this information does not manage to reach. So Max spent a lot of time at the airport before he could tell us "all fed, put to sleep. " Prior to departure of the ice continent, the group will be at least three days. To purchase products and take a course "antarkticologia" in the company of ALE...


Coco and Ovidiu Popescu