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27 December 2010, 19:40. Vinson, all programs »

We stay on the highest peak in Antarctica: Alexander Abramov, Dmitry Kolotiy and Andrey Podolyan. We have a strong, powerful team, climbing was done very quickly. The weather is perfect, I never have seen such weather on the Vinson. Now we're going to undress from the waist up for making pictures. Undress completely is impossible because of the harness. Ten minutes later Donetsk team will begin to approach. For Sergei Kovalev it will be the completion of the program "Seven Summits". This evening and at night we hope to celebrate this event already in the base camp. We have there 4 bottles of vodka. On the way we collect intermediate camps, and leave all equipment at the base camp for the next our group. We want to fly the 28 th to the Union Glacier and we have a chance ...

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