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12 January 2010, 18:06. South Pole, all programs »

Today January 12 morning Victor Bobok came to Moscow from Antarctica. And already at lunch time he appeared in the office of 7 Summits Club. Victor told fascinating stories about his adventures on the White Continent.

Recall that in last 45 days Victor Bobok made:

- With the first group (Dmitry Moskalev, Vladimir Lande, Yuri Taydakov, Igor Grishkov) go skiing more than 100 km and reach the South Pole

- With the second group (Igor Grishkov, Andrew Filkov, Patrick Sain and Noel Hanna) ascended to the highest point in Antarctica - Vinson Massif (4897m)

- With the third group (Noel Hanna and Dr. Derrick) went skiing more than 200 km from Vinson at sea level (Hercules Inlet).

- And then traveled two days by bus through the entire Argentina (from Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires), harrying  to fly home.

Just two weeks later Victor again fly to South America in order to lead an expedition 7 Summits Club on Aconcagua.