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Alex Abramov: Hard climb on Orizaba


09/11/2010 07:58

November, 8 at 10 a.m. of local time, the flag of 7 Summits Club was on top of the highest volcano in North America and the highest point of Mexica. The group of Alexander Abramov climbed to the top in full: Vyacheslav Adrov, Alexander Dubinkin, Sergei Dudko, Natalia Zvereva, Dmitry Krasnov and Alexander Morozov. It took hard work, the conditions for climbing were far from ideal. The steepest part of the slope represented an iced firn, they had to hang about 600 meters of fixed rope. By evening, the weather finally turned bad, so that we can assume that the group were lucky.

The ascent was made in the framework of program “Seven volcanoes »...>>>>>>>










Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépeti), at 5700 m (18,707 ft) Mexico's highest mountain, lies on the border with the state of Puebla about 30km/19mi north of Orizaba. It is best climbed from its west ... read more »
# 1. fahmi arrasuli, 07/08/2011 21:57
Dear Mr.Abramov

How are you doing ? would you send me itineraries for climb Mt.Pico de Orizaba and the cost.


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