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since 2005
17 August 2010, 09:32

August, 14th, a big group of people left to Tanzania. It was directed by the guides of 7 Summits Club, Victor Bobok and Olga Rumiantseva. Their aim was to climb the highest mountain in Africa – Kilimanjaro.

Using different ways, all the participants of the expedition came to Kilimanjaro Airport. The adventures started earlier then they were expected. Half of the people from the group didn’t get their luggage!

But this small trouble didn’t make anyone sad. All the adventurers have made the acquaintance of each other. And now they can enjoy wonderful views of Africa and unusual animals, which can be seen in quantity even at the territory of the hotel.

Today we are going to arrive to the place where we will start our route. If we won’t get the luggage soon, we will climb Kilimanjaro in national clothes. But the loss of our things won’t make us retreat!